Slutty Harambe Costumes

Looking to get your dicks out this Halloween? Don’t have an actual dick? I’ve got your covered ladies – this Halloween you’re going to be rocking the “slutty” Harambe outfit and you’re going to kill it.


Best Slutty Harambe Costume

sexy harambe costume


This is the best Harambe outfit available for women, one of the few, and frankly not many girls are going to have the courage to get their dicks out in this outfit. A perfect mix of funny and sexy, this one is going to be an easy conversation starter and attention grabber.

But what If I want a sexier outfit? Or a more unique one?

The catch-22 of the above costume is that it’s pretty much the only result you can find when you search for a “sexy gorilla costume”. For whatever reason, that particular niche doesn’t appear to be too popular. Imagine that.

There are certain things you can do.

1.Buy a different gorilla costume, and modify it to your slutty needs.

If you’re going to this route, I would suggest looking at our general guide of good Harambe costume ideas.  There’s a diverse list of options there, from full body suits to masks and a weird costume-shirt combo thing that you can sort of mess around with to your specifications.

2. Break Out The DIY Crafts

If you’re afraid to invest in something you’re going to modify, I would look into creating some sort of DIY Harambe costume – maybe get together with a few of your friends and make it an event of some sorts. That’d be a good way to kill the large amount of time it might take.

Honestly, if you’re just looking to get the “Harambe” message across but also want to make sure the “slutty” is ringing true, rock a black bikini and wear a mask of Harambe (either buy one or print out a picture of Harambe’s face and cut eye/mouth holes) and stroll into a party. Honestly, this sort of costume is a such a mix of cool indifference and pure laziness that you’re bound to get laughs, especially if someone who actually gives a shit shows up in a full body costume (AKA dorks it up).

Need a full scale print out of Harambe’s face? Got you covered.


If you ask me, you might as well go the easy routes: Either pick up the Slutty Gorilla Costume off of Amazon, or instead get the black bikini, print out a Harambe mask or buy a Gorilla mask, and rock those. Either way, you’re going to get some laughs, some attention, and be at least in the top 3 for any costume contests you find yourself in or around – just out of pure principle of your homage to the deceased Harambe.



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