2016 Harambe Halloween Costumes

Dicks are going to be out all over the place this Halloween, whether or not the Cincinnati Zoo wants to look at them (they don’t). With this in mind, it’s important to consider just what might be the best option for you if you’re looking to join the festivities this coming season.

Cheap Harambe Costumes

Naturally, let’s start off with the cheapest options that are quality enough that you won’t look like a total dickhead.

1. California Costumes Gorilla Child Costume, X-Large

harambe 2016 costume

This is likely going to be seen as the classic Harambe costume. It’s a full body suit with a cheeky look on it’s face, and requires no assembly. Unfortunately, this particular one is so cheap because it’s made for children. On the plus side, if you’re shorter (5’5 and below) – you can save BIG by rocking this in an x-large size.


If you’re looking to spice up the costume a bit, you can add on some wings and Harambe’s ghost/reincarnation/revenge.

Feather Angel Wings


2. Piecemeal Harambe

This is what I call the “minimalist” approach to costumes. AKA being a cheap fuck.

Piecemeal Harambe Costume Recipe:

  • One Gorilla Mask
  • One Gorilla Accessory (gloves/shoes)
  • Gorilla Shirt (optional)
  • Angel Wings (optional)
  • I Don’t Give A Fuck Attitude (mandatory)

Top Two Gorilla/Harambe Masks from Amazon

Gorilla Mask Options

harambe mask halloween


California Costumes Goin Ape Ani-Motion Mask

funny ugly harambe mask
This one is so ugly that it would be funny if Harambe’s death wasn’t so damn tragic.


Gorilla Accessory Items

Gorilla Feet

Zagone Studios Men's Gorilla Feet


Zagone Studios Men’s Gorilla Gloves

Zagone Studios Men's Gorilla Gloves


The Mountain Big Face Low Gorilla USA T-Shirt

The Mountain Big Face Low Gorilla USA T-Shirt


Harambe Wings

Feather Angel Wings


I Don’t Give A Fuck Attitude




3. DIY/Make It Up

What I’ve detailed is ideal for the type of person who wants to get in on the fun and games without spending a large amount of time on it (read: a smart person). But for those of you who are, well, more dedicated, I recommend that you consider what sort of Harambe tributes you can come up with at home.

For example, instead of buying a Harambe mask you could just print out a big picture of the Gorrilla, and cut eye/mouth holes. If you pull it off well (the line between hilarious and shitty is surprisingly thin) you’d have a real winner on your hands. Or face. Whatever.

You can also go completely overboard and put maximum effort, creating a full blown gorrilla costume with stilts etc from scratch just to make sure that your version of Harambe is the most special. If you decide to go through with this, there may be some underlying psychological issues going on there, but you’ll absolutely kill it on Halloween night.


There are PLENTY of options this Halloween as far as paying respects to Harambe go.  Find one that makes YOU and your friends laugh and rock it. Dicks out.

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