Harambe Costume Guide

Harambe Costume Guide


Looking for the best Halloween costume for you to get your dicks out this Halloween? Not trying to get your literal Dick out? Do you need to look into for picking up the ideal Harambe costume.

Whether you’re a guy, a woman, or a teen looking to emulate the world’s favorite gorilla (RIP) this Halloween, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even included some links to DIY Harambe costumes for people who want to get the look for free, or for cheap.

The Relevance of Harambe

Well, for one, it’s just flat out funny. Apparently, the expression “dicks out” is supposed to really mean “guns out”. Implying that people were supposed to get violent over the death of Harambe.

The problem with that phrase is that it’s absolutely ridiculous.

So the meme spread, and people fell in love with Harambe.

And started falling out of love with him…and then the Cincinnati Zoo made a public announcement asking for the memes to stop.

Thus bringing back to life the movement.

Enough of the history lesson – although it is important to make sure you know the cause you’re helping move forward by donning a Harambe outfit. On to the actual guide: Harambe costume ideas, from DIY to the best and/or cheapest options, we’ve got you covered on dressing up like the favored gorilla this Halloween.

How to Choose Your Harambe Costume


Making the right choice really just depends on a couple of factors that you’re going to want to keep in mind. Is it a one day occasion and you’re just trying to get a few laughs? Go with some of the cheaper options we’ve found. Looking a high quality costume to show up anyone and everyone that shows up with a cheaper costume? We’ve compiled a list of the best Harambe costumes based on quality for you to pick one from. Are going for the unique look? Go with someone only slightly related to Harambe or gorilla costumes in general, like this. Alternatively, you can try making a costume yourself, or even potentially going with the more expensive outfits (almost everyone is immediately going to go for what’s cheap).

Either way, whatever you pick is definitely going to be funny. And by the way, the mask on the left is available on Amazon.

Harambe Costume Ideas For Men

Men have a couple of different options they can look to, which just depends on how authentic, unique, original, or cheap they want to go with the outfits.01172_goinape-775x1024

Here are some of the best costumes, as far as pure quality goes.

1. California Costumes Goin’ Ape Bodysuit
This one tops the list. It’s available easily enough from Amazon, and is eligible for Amazon Prime speed shipping (get it last minute when you finally realize you NEED to be Harambe this Halloween). It’s also the highest quality costume available, and relatively balanced as far as the quality-to-price ratio is concerned. Plus, look at that cheeky look on it’s face.


In order to create the complete outfit, you’re going to want to pair it (OPTIONALLY) with:

A Pair of Angel Wings – I recommend Touch of Nature.


2. California Costumes Men’s Plus-Size Full Gorilla Suit Costume In Plus

Second on the list is this Harambe costume, which is not too bad. The quality and reviews are just a little worse than the number one option, but this option is cheaper and gets the job done, especially if you’re only investing in a costume for one day.


3. Harambe Costume – Adult Gorilla Shirt

The last, but not the least. Except in this case, it is both the last and the least. Keep in mind this is just our personal opinion, but the other two costumes have a certain quality and subtlety to their design, and can be reused on multiple years as different outfits (who knows what Gorilla will be unjustly killed in 2017?) But with this one, it’s sort just what you see is what you get. And what you get isn’t necessarily related to Harambe in the least.

But hey, if you’re just looking for a rough outfit, this is a pretty good choice. Don’t blame us if you get shown up by someone in the first two outfits!


Harambe Outfits for Women

Here are some of the top 3 options available for women, depending on what exactly you’re looking to get out of your Harambe costume this Halloween.01172_goinape-775x1024

1. Harambe Costume – California Costumes Men’s Plus-Size Full Gorilla Suit Costume In Plus

This one look familiar? It’s the same #1 for the guys! That’s because we’ve found that this harambe gorrilla costume is of a fantastic size, which would allow both men and women to wear it easily enough. It’s also the highest quality looking costume and the best bang for your buck, so it’s a great choice for both genders.


Don’t forget a pair of Angel Wings.







2. Harambe Costume – Sexy/Slutty Harambesexy monkey costume

This costume actually made some rounds around social media from people mocking it, but the costume itself is fairly cheap (as far as full body costumes go). It is also recommended that you step up this costume with a pair angel wings to symbolize the great Harambe who now watches over us. Another good option is to get a kid doll to carry around and terrorize.

EDIT: Old one ran out of stock! Replacement found.


3. Harambe Costume – Smiffy’s Men’s Gorilla Costume with Hood41rrmfv-aol

Designed for men, but it works well with women as well! This one is one of the more unique costumes you can use if you’re going to embrace the spirit of Harambe this Halloween. It’s a nice cross between sexy Harambe and a full gorilla suit, because your face isn’t completely covered. This is a good idea, because the dicks are going to be out in full force this October, so any sort of competitive edge that will be recognizable is good.buy-on-amazon1

Harambe Costumes for Kids

Have a kid? Are you a kid? Fret not. There are several available gorilla costumes for kids trying to get in on the action. By far, I most recommend this Harambe Kid Costume if you’re looking for the highest quality costume.

Best Pick – Seasons Gorilla Costume, Large (12-14)Seasons Gorilla Costume, Large (12-14)


NOTE: If you’re a parent going out for Halloween with your kids, I would personally recommend you go the for old switch-a-roo. Since your child is going to be a kid Gorilla (Harambe Jr.) – you should go as an adult child or be a zookeeper.

DIY Harambe Costumes

The cheapest option, but the most time consuming one. You can create a Harambe costume, or at least a low-key outfit that clearly honors Harambe, just in your home! You’ll have to gather the materials and set aside a few hours to do so, but it should be easy enough.

Note: I would recommend just buying an outfit if you’re not in love with the idea of making your own. Better return on your investment.